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The Internet of Things has already begun impacting our society, but what does this mean for the mobility industry?

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Smart has become a very popular word

Everything must be smart and this has even trickled down into the world of mobility in particular parking.

But how can also mobility be made smart?

Smart Mobility should be part of a global transportation plan, interconnected and well integrated into the transport system with the potential to share data. It should be functional, easy to reach and offering good service.

Mobility is changing, and it's going to be a big change. We are living a new "horse-to-car" sized shift and this will have implications for business as well as society at large: some things we can see coming from afar while others may come out of left field entirely 

but one thing seems certain in this ever evolving world of mobility-- the future shape mobility takes depends on development along four different dimensions: cars (and their drivers), consumers who use them regularly or occasionally; cities where people live alongside these vehicles day after busy workday alike; then competition between auto makers vying anew over market share lost during recent years.

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