Kiosk - more than just a payment


More than just a payment

All information accumulated will allow to know more about their customers and tailor offers to them to make sure their experience in the shopping mall or other type of establishment is positive and worth being repeated.

For example the act of paying for parking becomes not just the exchange of money for a parking space, but also an incredibly useful opportunity to learn more of the habits of final customers, and so to market services or sales adapted to consumer behaviour.

Technological developments are enabling automatic parking payment systems to carry out much more than their basic function, bringing significant benefits to the managers of the products. Such parking systems are very modern and are perfectly in line with the information society in which we live today.

This data has been available before, but this new approach, now possible thanks to technological innovation, represents a smarter and more efficient way to improve end-user experience and at the same time increase revenues for operators (i.e. selling ads). For example it could also increase turnover and revenue for all stores and businesses directly or indirectly involved with the parking structure.

Data privacy represents the main concern when modern infrastructure is in place. After years of data protection and focus on the importance of personal privacy, it is crucial to be mindful of this or the time being, wherever people want to maintain their privacy, RFID cards and paper tickets remain the best option.

Our technology

ELTRASISTEMI develops magnetic heads for several applications:

Credit card encoders

Processing of credit cards (ISO standard)

Access control

Toll systems

Processing of passbooks CMC7 or INK system