More than just parking or toll payment

Incorporating the latest innovative technology into the world of ticketing is revolutionising the way people approach the daily task.

The best form of smart ticketing would be a model that’s able to guarantee the desired effortless ticketing experience. It would likely have open spaces with no entry or exit barriers, so it is possible to get in and out without having to stop or look for a payment point. Instead, people should be able to pay using cashless app technology.

Today, the minds behind the latest ticketing technology are certainly able to create such models.

ELTRASISTEMI believes that shared tickets make parking smart. For example smart parking facilities are those conveniently located close to city transport and where tickets are sold. An easy parking solution for commuters using public transport for the last stage of their journey limits city traffic.

Our technology

ELTRASISTEMI designs and produces motorised dispensers and validators for motorways applications as well as full cabinets for toll collection systems:

Automatic ticket issuing machine (ATIM – entry lane)

Automatic ticket paying machine (ATPM – exit lane)